Monday, October 19, 2009

God Can Handle It...

My wife Angela and I completed a five day cruise on Saturday. It was awesome! We thank God that He supplies the resources and the wisdom to manage those resources to allow us to pay cash for such a great trip. We are so grateful to have the opportunity.

I think what made the trip the most relaxing was not the pampering, the scenery or the time without our kids; it was the absence of a cell phone or internet for nearly five complete days. It took me a little while to stop feeling the phantom "leg vibrate" that occurs when you are so used to your cell going off in your pocket, but eventually, I quite enjoyed being disconnected. Not surprisingly, God was able to handle the world and The Pursuit without me for a week. I didn't even take any leadership books on the boat, just the Bible. It was great to feel like a child of God first and a husband second, without the role of "Lead Pastor of The Pursuit" there to compete with those greater priorities.

So here's my confession. I normally cheat on my days off. I always have my cell phone on (though I reserve the right to not answer it) and check and reply to work emails on my day off every week and every time I am on vacation. I think if God can handle it when I am gone for five days, He can handle it if I am "gone" one day every week. So here's the commitment, I am not going to answer my cell phone or check emails on my day off any more (from Thursday at 5:00 p.m to Friday at 5:00 p.m. to be exact!). I am hoping the staff will follow my lead. Maybe you can try it too. Don't worry. I think God can handle it.