Thursday, April 30, 2009

Run to Win... Pt. 3

I can't tell you how prepared I was to run (with the exception of physically... oops!). I had purchased all the right gear and had it all laid out the day before so I wouldn't forget anything. I had my iPod with the songs strategically placed. My GPS watch had a fresh battery. My sunglasses were clean.

That morning I got up and stretched one more time. I measured my meals carefully, with every calorie consumed on a schedule. Then came the deodorant (which my wife expressed didn't take!), the sunscreen, and the vaseline on the rub-prone areas.

As I was doing all of this, I thought of the armor of God. What if we were this intentional about going into battle every day? I was fighting against a mountain, but we are fighting against the spiritual forces of evil. The stakes are too high for us to just wander into battle. Put on the full armor of God today. Don't be ignorant of his schemes.

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