Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Connection...

This past week, three people I know personally at The Pursuit found great jobs and another got a solid promotion. Two Sundays ago, someone stopped me before service and told me that her husband had just found a great job. She thanked us for praying for him to find work. That same day, we received a praise on a communication card praising God from another Pursuiter that had found work. Five Pursuiters finding work within a 10 day span. "What has changed in our local economy that is fueling all these jobs?" you may ask. Nothing. We're in the same spot we've been in. I don't think it's the economy.

On another note, giving at The Pursuit has more momentum than we've ever had. 20 and 10 in 2010 has inspired many people who have never given intentionally or sacrificially the motivation to do so. There are people starting to give who have never faithfully given to God. Others are seeing 10% as a starting point, rather than the finish line. It is allowing us to make a bigger difference in our world.

You may not see a connection between these two trends, but I clearly do. God looks at us as individuals in how He blesses us, but He also looks at us as a body and as a family. Perhaps because more people in the body are being faithful financially, God is blessing other people in their family, not just them. When jobs open up, God is sliding Pursuiters into the spot. Can my faithfulness in being geneous really have an impact on how God blesses a brother or sister of mine? Can yours impact others? Apparently so. There really is no other explanation. We are a family.

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