Saturday, January 17, 2009


So I am sitting here on Saturday night, going over and putting the finishing touches on the sermon for tomorrow. As it has been every Saturday night at The Pursuit, I just can't wait to see what God is going to do tomorrow. Who is He going to bring for the first time? How will they have heard about us? A friend? Car Stickers? The Billboard in Nevada? Who are we going to see that hasn't been in a long time. Who is going to have their life radically changed? What kind of conversations am I going to have with people in the lobby? I can't wait.

And then there's the pressure... Are we going to treat every guest with the love they deserve? Is the band going to be on? Is the equipment going to work properly? Am I going to be so distracted by the details that I forget to acknowledge the volunteers who make it all possible? Am I going to come across too harsh instead of as a loving friend?

I hope that Saturday nights are never too relaxing. I hope that I never feel like we have everything under control. I hope I never lose concern for each individual that comes through the doors. I hope that I never think I can handle it. The stakes are too high. The opportunity is too big. I'm ready to see what God does...

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