Saturday, January 24, 2009

Still Building His Team.

We had our first church-wide leadership breakfast this morning. I am extremely passionate about finding and developing leaders and see this as a main push for 2009. We have so many gifted leaders at The Pursuit, it is overwhelming. Yes, I really believe God owes every other church in this valley an apology for how He keeps stacking our team with great people.

There were a lot of familiar faces. The staff of course was there to make breakfast for the 45 people that came. We were missing Adam who is now a married man! (We're anxious to have Kara out west to be a part of the team.) Gary was able to fly back to surprise him. We had many of our leaders who have been serving at The Pursuit for a couple of years. But the greatest thing about this morning was the fresh faces, people who are just stepping into leadership at The Pursuit. Even though one griddle broke and one was a no-show which made us a little frantic to start the day, the morning could not have gone better.

I drove away thinking that God is still building His team. He is still positioning us for greater ministry in the future. If God ever stops sending us people with a heart to lead and serve, maybe that will be the beginning signs that things are going to slow down. For now, He simply has brought too many great people under one roof. He is not a poor steward. I can assure you that if He is building this team, He intends to use it. I can't wait to see it all unfold. He is still building the team that He is going to use to change this valley. And yes, I am in total anticipation of what tomorrow is going to be!

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