Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Danger of Rest...

We returned yesterday from a short family vacation to Reno—not for the gambling, but for the In-N-Out Burger and cheap hotels! It is a perfect drive for our family and the kids love hanging out away from home (I'll tell you a great story from our first night later this week). It was a quick trip, but it accomplished what we hoped it would—a break from the normal pace of life.

Rest is a great thing. I know people who need to get a lot more of it. God made us to include rest in our "diet." It has nothing to do with the Jewish Sabbath, but everything to do with a healthy pace of life, something we talk a lot about on our staff. In a ministry that God seems to always be expanding, it becomes even more essential if we want to be around for the long haul. 

Do you need to take a breather? If you find yourself feeling exhausted, either spiritually, emotionally or physically, maybe it is time to step off the merry-go-round long enough for your head to stop spinning. Do something that fills you, which may be using your vacation home or snow-shoeing or sitting on the couch with a book of fiction. To each his own. The point is that we really don't want you burning out. As I told one friend recently, "You're no good to us dead, you know." Rest really is a great thing.

But rest is also a dangerous thing. Why? Because we may like it too much. We may decide that God made us for resting instead of for laboring. My daughter said on Thursday, "I wish we could live in this hotel forever." How many adults live for the rest instead of for the reward of serving Christ? I know there are many with hearts that aren't with the kingdom of God but are instead with their time share or vacation home or hobbies. It is too bad. They are missing out. 

The big game is this Sunday. I can't imagine any player on either team looking forward the most to their time sitting on the sidelines. Can you imagine any player turning the coach down when he calls their number? "Sorry, Coach. I don't really feel like playing right now." Time on the bench is only to prepare for getting back on the field. If you've been enjoying an extended time on the sidelines, God is calling your number. It is time to get back in the game. After all, isn't that why He put you on the team? 

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