Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An Answered Prayer...

The 7 hour drive from Boise to Reno to get an In-N-Out burger is always a joy. The anticipation grows as we get closer and closer to taste bud bliss. I was apparently a little too focused on food upon our arrival. I turned off the car and attempted to pull out the key and it wouldn't come out. I realized that I hadn't even put it in park, I was so excited!

When we got in to order, I reached into my pocket to get my wallet and realized I didn't have any keys. I asked Angela if she had them and her facial expression told the story. She informed me that I pulled the keys out and set them on her lap (I didn't even remember doing it!), which is something I never do, and that she assumed that I must have had my keys, so she put them in the glove compartment. She wasn't too worried because she thought we had AAA. I informed her that the day before I had talked with them on the phone and declined renewing. I figured we probably wouldn't ever use them!

Angela called a lockout service and found out that it would be $55. We decided to give God a chance to work, so I explained to the kids that this was either going to be the most expensive In-N-Out of our lives or God was going to have to intervene! We prayed right there that God would send a police officer with a slim jim. About 10 minutes later, a police officer pulled into the adjacent parking lot. The kids were excited as Angela went over to speak with him. As she was talking to him, a tow truck driver pulled in to return a Red Box DVD.

It turns out that police officers in Reno don't carry slim jims as he was explaining to Angela as the tow truck driver was pulling in. Angela approached him and figured she would offer the guy $20 to get us into our car. He declined the money and even dinner but said he would love a diet coke! He opened our car for $1.59 and we got a chocolate milkshake to celebrate!

People wonder how we can make it on our limited income. God does stuff like that for us all of the time. It is really cool when He does it as an answer to a prayer that we prayed with our kids so they can learn to trust Him too. He sent us a police officer like we asked (even though he couldn't help) and sent what we really needed—a tow truck driver—and not just any but probably the only one in the country who wouldn't happily make an extra $20 on the side! Keep trusting God. He is worthy of it!

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